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content samurai review

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Product Name: Content Samurai
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Noble Samurai creators of Market Samurai and the FREE software Domain Samurai
$97/MONTH (Read my review to get EXCLUSIVE 7-DAY FREE Trial and HALF OFF Pricing after)
Content Samurai
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Hey thanks for stopping by to check out my…


Just What Is It?

It is actually an application software that allows you to build Gorgeous and high-converting video clips while not understanding anything pertaining to video editing.

It’s user-friendly, convenient, and greatest of all, it creates fantastic video clips.

The software may very well be priced a touch too high, and although you will get Twenty-three various themes without cost, as well as Something like 20 zero cost tracks that happen to be worthy of over $700 if you get them on an individual basis.

You write the writing, alter the slides and make certain that the wording looks how you would wish it to, select the background music, record the audio sentence by sentence, verify if the audio and the text are aligned, and then publish the video.

It’s all straightforward.

Building your first video should take below thirty minutes, and if you currently have the writing set up in that case you can certainly develop a single video media within just ten minutes!

My sole problem with Content Samurai is basically that you can not alter your current voice audio within the application and you’ve got to get it done after constructing the actual video recording which is trickier and provides an extra step of which isn’t desired.

Obviously lots of people have got fantastic microphones in addition to expensive studios, however, if you’re doing work within a bare-bones price range then you’ll have to use Audacity in order to edit the audio after your video clip is complete and after that combine the audio and the video once more.

It shouldn’t be way too much of a dilemma, nevertheless it’s a supplementary phase that could be implemented into the application making it improved.

How Do You Use Content Samurai?


I created a video with a complete walkthrough if you just scroll up at the beginning of this page.

In case you are a more “reading” type of person then I broke it down in simple easy to follow steps below. You can create phenomenal videos even if your financial allowance is low and you simply can’t afford to pay for a qualified videographer.

You don’t even need to utilize or learn how to use a complex and pricey video editing software.

With Noble Samurai’s magnificent video tool all it takes is just a few simple steps.

1. Login to your account by clicking “Create A New Video” green button.


2. This software uses a step-by-step approach, go to the Script section (you can see the other options on the left sidebar menu) and write or paste your video title and script.


3. You have the ability to search for and pick an image from their enormous gallery of pictures (over 112 million royalty free images available for your choosing) or add one directly from your computer.


4. Content Samurai includes and awesome feature that lets you add videos captured with your smartphone, tablet, camera or webcam, if you want.


5. Now with this awesome software, it gives you ability to record your video’s audio one slide at a time. The following greatly removes the infuriating procedure of re-recording complete online videos any time you don’t like how it sounds or perhaps make a mistake.


6. Add a background soundtrack from all the different excellent options. 


7. Click ‘Generate Your Video’ to finish up.


8. When the process is over, click ‘Download Your Video’.
9. Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook or your own server.



Yup that’s it.

Ok, so at this point… let’s talk about the the prices.

Content Samurai charges $99 every month, however, you can get it at a discount from here.

That discount gets you down to $47 each and every month which is good, however it may still be a lot for a newbie Internet Marketer.

SO, because of that I was able to work out a deal with Noble Samurai and get you a FREE 7-DAY Trial of Content Samurai. If at any point before that you feel this is not for you, then you can simply just cancel and you will not get charged a penny.

To get this exclusive offer make sure to click the button below!

I have special treat for you if you follow up with my Content Samurai Review and sign up for your exclusive free trial with my link.

With Content Samurai you will now have the powerful software and technology that will create high quality HD videos EFFORTLESSLY for you in an instant.


How do you know what exactly to say in your video to have your audience actually take action on what you want to do after watching your new awesome video?

That’s where my bonus comes in and becomes the ULTIMATE ENHANCEMENT to Content Samurai. No other bonus package that you will find from other people on the web will compare to this perfect enhancement.

Without further ado introducing…


Video Script is The ‘Missing Link’ Between Video Creation & Actually Creating Compelling Marketing Videos…

… That have helped generate over $650,000 in sales this year! 

With your FREE Trial Subscription you will get…

Video Scripts That Actually Turn Your
Viewers Into Customers!

Now having a nice looking video with cool animations, images, music, voice over and cool effects is important, however with just cool animations and effects and not an actual clear marketing message your video will certainly entertain your viewers but it WON’T Make you sales or generate leads…

The most important part is actually the script!

I mean, the actual story line that brings people into your message, and compels them to take action.

Otherwise, if it’s just a nice looking video…

So You Need To Ask Your Self
What Is The Main Point Of My Video?

If it is to create compelling marketing videos, that make you sales and generate you leads, then you need to create a video script that engages your viewers and compels them to take action!

And that is why we are super excited to bring you the most powerful & flexible video scripting all-in-one solution!

Creating Video Scripts In Minutes Is Now Possible!

Select Your Niche & Script Template LayoutVideo Script

Simply add your script name, select your niche and choose a relevant script template for your desired script. We have a whole bunch of professionally crafted script layouts to give you a wide range of variety.

Follow Each Step Adding In Each Component To Your Scriptstep-2

 Now you can simply go through and build your script step by step, adding in each component of your script. We also have helpful notes & tips for each step to guide you through and make things even easier!

Publish Your Scripts As .PDF or Wordpublish-screen

Once you have created your video script, you can now easily pubish your script into a microsoft word document or as a .PDF. Then you can either record it yourself or send it to an outsourcer on fiverr or voicebunny.

There Is Literally No Other Fully Flexible Video Script Writing Software On The Market Specifically Designed To Create Compelling And High Converting
Video Scripts…

Whether you’re looking to create sales videos, videos for your opt-in pages or videos for your websites and even clients, you will certainly need to create video scripts and that is why this software is not only going to save you time and effort but also will enable you to create professionally crafted scripts using high converting script templates which have been tested and proven to convert!

To make things even sweeter, I’ve decided to release videoscript as an EXCLUSIVE BONUS to give you complete freedom to enjoy the power of creating high quality videos scripts with your brand new Content Samurai FREE TRIAL without having to pay a fortune or any monthly fees!

So make sure to get access right away with MY LINK to get access to your Content Samurai FREE Trial and your Instant Access to Video Script to keep even after your FREE Trial is over with complete WHITE LABEL RIGHTS to sell or use as a bonus in your business as well!



Content Samurai Bonus




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