Simple Conversion Commander Review and Bonus | WARNING Before You Buy!


Simple Conversion Commander Review

Product Name: Simple Conversion Commander
Product Creator: 
Paul Counts & David Perdew
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

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Hey guys, thanks for stopping by to check out my review of “Simple Conversion Commander”,
by Paul Counts and David Perdew. 

Scarcity drives sales, and nothing converts more then scarcity.

People love to buy when there is a timer on the page that tells them it’s going away soon.

Unfortunately there is a few problems with that…

So many people leave a promotion out after having a timer on the page so that when visitors come to the page the timer sits there with 0:00
and it’s obvious that they did not take the page down or change the prices.

This makes you look really bad.

What would work ideally is to have a plugin that drove the timer with a re direct, so that when the page was done, when the promotion was done
no body 
could get the product any longer through that link and it went AUTOMATICALLY to the next sales price, or the next page,
or the post launch content… whatever it is you want to send your visitors to.

That’s what David Perdew and his team at NAMS are doing with SIMPLE CONVERSION COMMANDER

It’s more then just a timer, it’s a marketing campaign manager using scarcity.

You can do flash sales with duration.. for example it can be 10 min – 15 min flash sale giving a special breaking news discount. 

This tool is very fun to use especially with all the automation.


You can do recurring promotion. Every weekend you want to run a promotion? well this is a great tool for you.

You can have an entire list of promotions out for the entire year that go to this single link and that link could be YOURDOMAIN/SPECIAL
and the visitor would go there 
and EVERY weekend there will be a new promotion that you have running and set automatically.

You can set that up and run for a year or 2 years however you want to do it.

You can do scheduled promotions, you can do coming soon pages, where people will see they got “only this much amount of time” until the launch starts.

There is SO MUCH you can do with this powerful tool.

My Final Verdict?

Simple Conversion Commander gets two thumbs up!

I loved it so much I decided to create a special enhancement product that will catapult your results with Simple Conversion Commander. 

Click my link below to get my FREE BONUS included with your purchase of Simple Conversion Commander through my link.

Check out the bonus here.


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Talk soon and if you have any questions let me know!

– Franky

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